Another 8/10 day: firm dates and friendships

4 November 2010 score:  8/10

Today, like yesterday, was a great day. 

I love it when a plan comes together.

Not that I am a big planner, mind you, but I do have goals and I like to achieve them.  One of’s goals is to teach baking with groups of kids in schools, hospitals, shelters, youth clubs – wherever really.  Get ’em while they are young:  teach them what good bread tastes like, teach them to be self sufficient, influence their choices for “good”.  That’s the idea, anyway.

So it was great great great that Helen Colbert, the deputy head of the East Sheen Primary School, about which I have written before, called to settle on two dates – one in November and one in December for bread baking in their new kitchen.  We will do bread and probably cook soup as well, in the bread “down” time.  Alternatively we will play in the playground (bags a swing) and draw pictures of handsome farmers harvesting lovely grain and taking it to the miller.  Firm dates.  A plan.  And a prod to launch Bread Angels. 

Good good good.

Then, I did a million chores, saw the troupe from Rude Health who are always uplifting, did 50 lengths in the pool whilst reciting my mantras (seriously) and had dinner with my old mate Stoo with whom I used to work at Gemini.  Wine, fish and conversation, help with the choices regarding the direction of and general support and good cheer makes for a fine end to an 8/10 day.

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