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We have not quite yet finished this section, although it is a diary of sorts, it has to be categorised so if you are interested in learning how to mill flour versus understand corporate innovation, you can find what you are looking for.

The marvellous Martin Judd who has helped me build this site is having a well earned break.  When he gets back, we will make it easier for you to navigate The Golden Thread.

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Generous coffee from the Monmouth Coffee Company

Surprise! This is actually a post about corporate generosity which is not a simple topic. The existential question is whether you can be generous to everyone: suppliers, customers, staff, senior leadership, owners, the planet…the list is a long one and I think it’s impossible to be generous to all of those groups. The tradeoffs are

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Down the rabbit hole of the digital native.

I wrote and delivered this speech to the students of my critical reasoning class at the Tec de Monterrey in December 2021. “Having lived a decade in Mexico, I have seen many changes.  In my experience, when it comes to big, global trends, Mexico lags the rest of North America and Europe by a few

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The best ever hand made crumpets

Crumpets and tea are things of beauty, especially in the winter when warm, buttery, toasted things are welcome by tea time just as the long, dark night begin to close in.

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Bath buns

Bath buns are a total and complete delight. You will LOVE how easy they are to bake and how utterly yummy they are.

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Life is too short for lent

We need excitement and beauty. During COVID, we fried doughnuts, ate pancakes, gobbled all the chocolate in the house and we learned that life is too short for giving up goodies. My thought? Take up walking 10,000 steps per day instead.

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