Bread/bred/ - noun

  1. A food made from flour, water, salt, and usually yeast, kneaded together and baked
  2. The staff of life
  3. (slang) Money

There is sound logic behind bread and water rations:  the person being punished did not starve to death.

Bread is made of four completely different things, none of which can nourish you on their own.  Only by combining them with care can you make something of extraordinary value.

You get the picture.

Ten years ago I added professional baker, food writer and activist, and coach for entrepreneurs in the food industry to the list of things I do. I:

  • developed the first micro bakery course in the UK and set up Bread Angels – an international network of micro bakers.
  • have written four cook books and have AMAZING ideas for more
  • teach both for profit and not-for-profit, volunteering in schools, shelters, old people’s homes, and prisons.
  • know that food can be a catalyst for positive, sustainable change

If you are a publisher or agent, run a charity, or are interested in learning how to bake or doing a baking event for your team, contact me. To learn more right now, click on the video to see what inspired me all those years ago…

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