Here's a question: what are you doing?

No, really, what are you doing? What’s your purpose?

In addition to your skills and capabilities, you need to understand what you want, what you need, what you are good at, and how you are going to work with others, in order to succeed.

Whatever you are trying to achieve – and you may not know what that is (and that’s ok) – you do need to be guided by data, and an understanding of your impact on others, in order to make good decisions.  You also need to be your best self, and enable others to be their best selves, in order to be of service to your stakeholders.

I would love to learn more about you.  For now, you can learn more about me below.  After you have a little poke around, let’s talk. 

Here is some of what I am doing

Jane Mason

Strategy Consultant & Executive Coach
Entrepreneur & Activist in the Food Industry



What I really do well

Senior executive, entrepreneur & team coaching
Leadership & team development
Board level facilitation
Write cook books
Run a social enterprise
Lecturer in critical thinking to undergraduates

My particular strengths

Active listening & respectful challenging
Strategic thinking
Managing complexity & joining the dots 
Deep experience in financial and professional services
Emphatic & kind
Creative & original
Fearless & humane
Great baker of bread

My work experience

Independent consultant and coach. 2005 – present
Professional baker and food activist. 2010 – present
Monitor Company: Partner. 2000 – 2005
Gemini Consulting: Principle, senior consultant. 1996 – 2000
Standard Chartered Bank: group strategy. 1993 – 1995

My qualifications include

Team coaching, Global Team Coaching Institute, 2021
Lead positive change through appreciation enquiry, Case Western Business School, 2017
Executive coaching, Tavistock Institute, 2005
MBA, London Business School (1993)
MA, University of Toronto (1988)
BA, McGill University (1987)

Some of my interests

  • Writing books
    • All you knead is Brad (2012)
    • The Book of Buns (2014)
    • Perfecting Sourdough (2016)
    • Mexico – the World Vegetarian (2021)
  • Traveling, eating, cooking & exploring
  • Reading and listening – keep up on the latest ideas

Here is what I am reading

To be honest, I prefer novels, but I read some business books too

The books I have recently read include ...

The Palliative Society – Buyng-Chuyl Han.  Korean-born, German philosopher.  Short books.  Incredible thoughts.

China Unbound – Joanna Chiu.  An alaysis of China’s impact on the world order.

Harry Potter – JK Rowlins.  Of course I read it years ago in English.  Now I am reading it in Spanish.

The Untold Story – Genevieve Cogman.  The most recent in The Invisible Library series.  Fantastic fun.

Circe – Madeline Miller.  Explores the Greek goddess’ search for her identity and explores important themes of love of human frailty.



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