Objective behaviour

From how you are dressing to how you are speaking everything about you creates an impression.  Before a meeting of any kind, you need to ask yourself, “what are my objectives”, and then plan everything within your control to meet that objective.

The powers of your brain, and what it can do to impress; your warmth, and what it can do to attract; and your charm, and what it can do to influence, are enhanced or reduced in many ways.  Some are not within your control – like how the others are feeling that day, whether or not the traffic was terrible causing people to be late, or if the wifi does not work.  Many, however, are within your control.

I am the coach who will tell you the truth and always in a warm, constructive, and non judgey way.  Do you have weird habits or “tics” that are off putting?  How is your diction?  Too much make up?  Dreadful socks?  Are you dull?  These things matter, but they can be hard to hear.  Together we will fix them so you can be your best self, letting your brain, warmth and charm work their magic at their full strength with no distractions so you can achieve your objectives.

Want to know more?  Watch the hilarious video content below. Then, contact me so we can have a chat.

Learn how to behave (including how to dress and accessorise) to meet your objectives

Is this appropriate dress for a business meeting?  Spoiler alert:  NO.

Introducing “Objective Behaviour”.  Behave and dress to meet your business objectives.

Let me tell you a story about tribes.  Are you sitting comfortably?

What’s going on when we want to join a tribe?

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