Business etiquette - behaviour to help you meet business objectives

From how you dress to what you say, everything about you creates an impression.  Before a meeting of any kind, you need to ask yourself, “what are my objectives”, and then plan everything within your control to meet them.

Your brain, and what it can do to impress; your warmth, and what it can do to attract; and your charm, and what it can do to influence, are enhanced or minimised in many ways.  Some are not within your control. Many, however, are.

You want to have authority, so that people to listen to you, and develop trust so they buy what you are selling.  If this is not happening consistently, the reason could be as simple as the fact that your business etiquette is poor.

I am the coach who will always tell you the truth in a warm and caring way.  Goodness knows, I have no stones to throw.  Do you have weird habits or “tics”?  How is your diction?  Too much make up?  Dreadful socks?  Are you dull?  These things matter, and – yes – we can fix them.  Contact me and we can have a chat.  See below for some hilarious videos about business etiquette.

How to behave (including how to dress) to meet your objectives

Is this appropriate dress for a business meeting?  Spoiler alert:  NO.

Introducing “Objective Behaviour”.  Behave and dress to meet your business objectives.

Let me tell you a story about tribes.  Are you sitting comfortably?

What’s going on when we want to join a tribe?

So how do you get into a tribe?  Learn about the trust equation.

There are three aspects to building credibility.  Let’s start with the easy one…

Should authenticity be your main goal?  SPOILER ALERT:  Maybe not.

Here is why you must be sensitive to culture in order to meet your business objectives.

Is THIS appropriate dress for a business meeting?  (second try)…

Yes, there are some DOs an DON’Ts when your objective is to build credibility.

The jacket is one of your most valuable pieces of clothing when you want to build credibility…

Gentlemen – your shirt must have a collar.  Here’s why.

Ladies!  LADIES! What do we do to demonstrate we are high ranking (worthy of jugular protection) given it would be a bit weird to wear a tie all the time…

So…..what about the sword and the shield?  Where do they fit in?  You may be surprised at the every day tools that will build or destroy credibility…

Your accessories, and how you use them, matter.  Let’s have a look at role play number one…possibly charming but mainly shambolic and not exactly impressive…

Now let’s look at which accessories to use, and how to use them properly to come across as organised and professional.

Role play 2 – here we learn how to start building credibility from the moment you arrive.

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