My bread videos (so far)

Sometimes it’s much easier to watch things than read about them and, when it comes to shaping bread or trying to puzzle out the mysteries of sourdough, it’s definitely easier to watch than read.

Below are a selection of videos that range from how to:

  • tell if your sourdough starter is ready
  • get your rye dough into a tin
  • shape a baguette
  • wrestle with sticky dough

They also include various videos that just show dough whirling around in the Kitchenaid.  Trust me, they are hypnotic.

I hope you find them entertaining and helpful.

It’s going to take me ages to upload the many MANY bread videos I have made over the years.

Come back soon and there will be even more!

Baking a basic loaf of bread – step one.

Baking a basic loaf of bread – step two.

Baking a basic loaf of bread – step three.

Baking a basic loaf of bread – step four.

For some reason, this is a super compelling video.  No training here, just watchingdough for tamales being beaten.  It has to be WELL beaten…

How to slice a bagel without slicing your hand open.  No joke!  Many knife injuries are from slicing bagels in half.

Ever heard of scalded dough?  It’s when you “cook” part of your flour (in this case bran) before incorporating it into your dough.  Makes soft and unctuous bread.

Kneading dough for pan de muerto – before you knead in ALL THAT BUTTER you have to knead the dough.  It’s dry before the butter so you must persevere…

Ok, you have done your preliminary knead, now it’s time to knead in the butter.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Another kneading video.  This time kneading plain old sourdough.

The sourdough show!

When is my starter ready?  Do the float test.

Help!  My sourdough starter is not bubbling and it’s day 5.  What to do?

The “stretch and fold” is a vital bread skill.  Here is how to do it.

Increase your plant count with seeded bread.  Even my Dad’s doing it!

You do not need holes in your bread for you to be a baking genius.  Here’s why.

How to make authentic, Mexican (wheat) flour tortillas.  Super simple!

The vital first step you MUST do before making a taco or quesadilla.  Save yourself from bad Mexican food!

How to shape glorious raisin wheels.  Raisins optional – but you do learn how to make a great shape out of really wet dough.

The importance of shaping your dough so that it does what you want it to do.  Learn what’s behind successful shaping.

Best, easiest, and most delicious Irish Soda bread.  There’s a knack to it and here it is.

Getting that 100% rye dough into a tin so that it actually rises!  Here is how.

More on scalded dough – it’s a sticky process and well worth it.

More on kneading really sticky dough.  Get stuck in as you get stuck on.

How to shape baguettes.  Trust me it takes practice.

How (and why) to shape a loose ball – the vital shape before many others…

Shaping loose and tight sausages.  Almost harder than shaping balls.

Making bread rolls!  So fun and simple with a bit of practice. 

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