Friday 5 November 2010: 8/10

5 November 2010 score:  8/10

Today was a totally different day from yesterday.  It was a mixed day but on balance I learned some things that made me readjust the day’s score and  my own longer term expectations.  And here I need to use a metaphor for what actually happened to protect the innocent:

Have you ever met a boy (or a girl) who you really like (really really like) and you rearrange things with older friends or clients or family in order to spend time with that new person?  Yes, yes, bad friend:  the kind who drops her friends when she has a new boyfriend.  I have done that and the last time I did that (a while ago now) I swore I would never do it again and, within reason, I have not – not with boyfriends, that is.  However this past week I re-arranged two established appointments in order to DO something that I thought I wanted to do rather badly.  I do want to do it rather badly but I need to get it in perspective.  The point is, that this THING was supposed to be Wednesday (so I rearranged the people in my Wednesday) and then it was changed at the last minute to today (so I had pissed off the people in my Wednesday, and then rearranged the people in my Friday) all in the name of “this is an incredibly important THING that I need (want) to do.”  Well, yes, you guessed it, the THING was cancelled about 60 minutes before it was due to happen.  Shit happens, I get that.  Given I had screwed around two sets of people I kind of had it coming.  Nevertheless, I was bummed that it did not happen and felt low and oppressed and like I would never get anywhere with my business.

However, I have to remember that my business is the thing.  This other THING is supposed to be an adjunct to my business not MY BUSINESS (if you get my drift) and so I have to place far less emphasis on it no matter how helpful/fun/important it could be.  Its time will come, or not, and I have to let it go.  It is not the aim.  It is a way (one of several ways) of achieving the aim. 

So, from 8-6-8 again as I frantically counted blessings and recited mantras and I was off to Unltd.  to meet Guri.  Unltd. is an organisation that was founded about ten years ago to fund social entrepreneurs.  For those of you who have missed earlier posts, they have generously awarded me a grant of £5000.00.  Today I was meeting my partner there, Guri, to discuss business plans, time lines, investment schedules, and the other support they can give me.  The suppor they have is fantastic:  legal help, IT help, administrative help….for me it will definitely be marketing help (to promote executive bread sessions) and a business coach to kick my behind when I get unfocused or negative.  Guri and I agreed a high level plan of action which left me inspired and invigorated.  While I was going there I got a mail from Abigale at BBC Countryfile Magazine telling me that they would like a little sound bit from me for their February self suffiiciency special.  It’s really nice to be asked and I was honored and pleased so, thank you, Abigail.

Mum, Rose, Denise, Dad

Following that I went to meet my mates Rose (the one who would be good company down a mine), her mum Denise and sister Rachel at Harvey Nicks.  We sat at our “usual” table – the one by the door leading to the terrace for those of you who want to know the BEST table in town.  Rose, Denise, and Rachel would bolster anybody’s spirits – and by that time mine did not need to be bolstered.  Rose’s did, however because on her way home from our eccles cakes extravaganza at St John, she fell asleep on the train and only just made it off – without her shopping.  No amount of calling call centres half way around the world have located her bag.  Boo.

Experimental sourdough

The last loaves of experimental sourdough are in the oven (having proofed all day in the fridge – have I mentioned I am trying desperately to fail at sourdough given how “special” it has become and I have yet to fail and you should see some of the loaves!) and tomorrow I am starting a week end of excessive exercise, food, drink, and friends.  Thank you everyone for the #ffs – they mean alot – a little warm glow – deffo an 8/10 day.  Long may it last.

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