Baking with children at Sarum Hall School

Gaye Whitwam has been teaching children how to cook for years.  Her business is called Sticky Mitts and she is delighted to have been teaching the same children for years – watching them grow up as she helps them prepare good food.  A couple of years ago she became a Bread Angel and now bakes bread for sale and teaches baking in her home in South London.  Recently, we went to Sarum Hall School and enjoyed a day of bread baking with the students there….she wrote this article to tell us all about it.

Early in the spring I taught group of 24 girls in Year 2.  Their teacher, Sarah Moody, contacted me because she wanted bread to tie in with her project on the Great Fire of London which was started in a bakery!


It was an all day event and several parents came in to help.  Each of the girls weighed, mixed and kneaded their dough.  It was left to rise while they had their break and then we shaped and put the dough in tins.  The second proof happened over lunch time and the loaves were baked as soon as the school cooks had finished with the ovens.

During lunch I made another quick batch of dough and the girls made lots of shapes and decorated them with seeds. 

I took along little brown carrier bags on which they drew bread related pictures. I also took along bread- themed pictures for them to colour in and their teacher got them to write up the recipes.

They put their bread in the bags to take them home together with a copy of the recipe, their colouring-in sheets and a Bread Angels flyer to inspire them to continue to bake in the future!  I know they enjoyed the day as I received beautiful thank you notes from the students to let me know!If you are interested in cookery classes for children and live in South London, contact Gaye at Sticky Mitts.  If you are interested in your children learning to bake at school, maybe we can help.  Just contact us.  And if you are interested in learning how to bake – with or without your children, look no further than here!

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