Easy recipe for Montreal bagels

Further to the recent fixation on bagels – including posts on what is the perfect bagel, and reviews of the South Street Bagel Bakery and Spread Bagelry in Philadelphia, I have finally had time to write up the recipe for Montreal bagels that will appear in The Book of Buns – available for pre order from Amazon.

What is the difference between a Montreal and a New York bagel?  Primarily it is where your ancestors came from.  If they came from North East Europe (Northern Russia, Baltic countries, Poland) they probably went to Montreal and that is where you find one kind of bagel – flatter, denser, and a little sweeter – honey or bread syrup in the dough and in the water in which they are boiled.  If they came from Central or South East Europe, going into the stans, they probably went to New York and this is where you find another kind of bagel – fatter, doughier, and a little less sweet.

Of course there are plenty of other places bagel-ancestors came from and there are plenty of other kinds of bagels too.  If you really want to explore, come and take the bagel class and get your hands into the dough and your teeth into the bagels (literally)!

For the recipe, simply click here and enjoy!

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  1. Elizabeth wilcox

    Just made your recipe for Montreal bagels !! Wow! What a fab recipe. Thank you so much.

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