Baking bread is the start of a brighter future

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Baba and his beautiful loaf

Baba is originally from Ghana and is curious about different types of flour, ingredients and the health and nutritional benefits of good bread. Baba came to the baking course run by Lisa Wilson, Bread Angel and founder of Eventful Bread, wanting to be a master baker.  He used to work at a bank but six years ago he was hospitalised for two years after a road accident. He had to learn to walk again and, finding it difficult returning to work, he  left, and now teaches research methods on a part time basis. Baba wants a creative outlet, and a new project, he finds bread baking therapeutic, and is comforted by knowing what goes into his meals.  Lisa interviewed him about his experience on the course which was sponsored by the Peabody Trust.

“I have several reasons for participating in the course. First, it is therapeutic. I am recovering from severe injuries I sustained in a road traffic accident. The activities that go with baking such as rolling, kneading and reflection are healthy for the body and mind. I believe that the processes involved would help my recovery. The second reason relates to my anxiety about finding healthy food in supermarkets which suit my vegan lifestyle. Being able to bake for myself guarantees that I know what is in my bread and that I am eating healthily. The third reason is to further develop my baking skills to become a ‘Master Baker’ and bake for my community. It is said that great things often have small beginnings. I am optimistic that my first baking lesson today is the start of something big for a brighter future.”

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