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Paulette and her beautiful, inspiring bread

Lisa Wilson’s bread class, held in cooperation with The Peabody trust, ignited a real passion for baking in Paulette.  She found the nutritional information regarding real bread to be informative and soon set to work perfecting her bread making skills.  She discovered baking developed her confidence and self belief.  Demystifying the process and helped her understand that baking bread is easy, enjoyable, and economical.  Here is what Paulette had to say about the experience:

“Today we made bread with Lisa. This was most enlightening to do as I have not made bread since the age of 11 years. Using the yeast was the area I did not know enough about. It is all clear now with complete understanding of how the yeast must be prepared. I shall be making bread in the near future. With the knowledge learnt today maybe the supermarket bread buying will disappear. Making bread is extremely simple, even a child can make bread. There are other types of breads to make and I shall be looking eagerly to make bread. Thank you Lisa for clearing up years of my intrigue of how to bake bread. Continue the fantastic delicious work. You are a star. Thank you.”

Paulette wrote a beautiful poem for Lisa – and here it is:

Bread Bread Bread Bread!
I have learned to make bread
It is strength to my head
Thank you Lord and Lisa for showing me how!
To make bread oh wow!
Bread is the staff of life
Flour, yeast spices and water
Salt or even sugar and butter
Are the ingredients to make festive bread hotter
Whole meal bread
White or mixed wheat and white
Delicious bread what a delight
All we need to eat is a couple of slice
To feed our body nutrient right
Bread Bread Bread Bread!
It is a delight
It is a delight

Lisa is a Bread Angel and is the founder of Eventful Bread.  She is an O2 Think Bigger award winner who is passionate about changing the world for the better.  To read more about Lisa’s classes with the Peabody trust please click here.  To become a bread angel and effect positive social change through bread or to learn to bake good bread to feed you and those you love, please click here.

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