The Easy Entrepreneur Tip One: Anyone can do it

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Do you want to set up your own business?  Here is the thing:  you can.  Anyone can.  Housewives and stay at home dads, carers, retired people, school children, people looking to change career or start a career or learn a bit extra:  men and women of any age can set up a business.  You do not need to be an IT geek or a financial wizard.  You do need to be able to spot problems, understand how to solve them, determine if you have the skills or can develop the skills to solve them, and then figure out if you can charge for it.  Alternatively you need to be really really good at something and trust that there is a market for the skills that you have.

Sound odd?  Read on.

Products and services are just “problems solved”.  Food solves the problem of hunger.  Organic food solves the problem of hunger coupled with a concern for environmental sustainability and/or animal welfare and/or health.  Chairs solve the problem of not wanting to sit on the floor.  Office chairs solve the problem of needing to protect your back while you sit for long hours.  Cars solve the problem of wanting to get somewhere in your own way.  Jewellery solves the problem of – well all sorts of things including the need to show off,  to signal you are married, to join in, to assuage your guilt after a big row or indescretion…that list is long.  Think of any product or service and you will see that it meets a need and/or a desire.  Some products and services are free, some are cheap, and some are expensive.

So, the question it – can you see a problem and find a solution?  If so, you may have identified a product or service which does not exist yet.  Or at least does not exist where you are.  That is step one, so get to work all you budding entrepreneurs.  How can you make the world a better place for the people who experience the problems you can solve, or have the desires that you can meet?

What is your “problem solved”?

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  1. hi. i am interested in learning how to set up a home business making bread . please let me know the details of the class and what i will learn

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