The Easy Entrepreneur Tip Two: It’s easy if you love it

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Running your own business is never ever easy but it is easier if you love it.

I will go one step further:  you have to love it or you won’t do it.

Running a business is one of the most difficult things you will ever do:

1.  The time it takes out of your life is never ending.
2.  You work on a different schedule from everyone else.
3.  Any break you take is laden with guilt that you should be working at your business.
4.  It is lonely.
5.  There is never enough money at first.
6.  The “to do” list has no end.
7.  You cannot grow unless you hire someone and you cannot hire someone unless you grow.
8.  You have to learn to do a whole lot of things you did not know you needed to learn.

So, there is the short list of reasons why running your own business is HARD.  REALLY REALLY HARD.

However, the silver lining is this:  it’s easier if you love it.  So go for it if you really love your “problem solved” and think of a new one if you don’t.

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