Third Bread Angel joins the pilot!

I am thrilled that a third bread angel has joined the pioneering band of people who will help shape the future of bread in the UK.  For those of you who don’t yet know about Bread Angels, a quick summary is that Bread Angels is a social franchise dedicated to helping people set up home baking businesses so that they can:

1.  earn money working from home with their very own business

2.  forge links into their local communities by delivering bread within a distance that can be covered on foot or by bicycle

3.  make good bread available to the people in their local community – believe it or not, it is very difficult to get good bread in most parts of the UK.

Home bakers learn to bake and run a home baking business by taking the Home Bakers course that is run by Bread Angels up and down the land.  The course is in three sessioins – one session of 4-5 hours per week for three weeks.  Home Bakers earn as much as they would like to/can and keep everything they earn.  Bread Angels learn how to become teach the course and run a social franchise by taking the Bread Angels course.  Once qualified, Bread Angels have their own franchise and run their business themselves.  In return for top line sales and marketing, content development and provision, on going training and development, and management of the Bread Angel alumni network for sharing and learning sessions (bread and conversation, naturally!), Bread Angels pay a small commission to so that we can continue to run the business and undertake the bread related charitable activities in which we are engaged. 

We have space for six people on the pilot – so there are only three places left.  Due to logistics, the pilot will be run in London and will begin in January.  Dates to be agreed soon.  There is a discount for the pilot participants.  The idea is that all Bread Angels will take the Home Bakers course and that in addition, Bread Angels need training on how to develop their businesses.  To that end, the pilot will be highly participative and we will develop a lot of the Bread Angel specific content together.  So, truly, this is an opportunity to shape the future of bread in this country.

If you are interested and would like to know more, including fees and conditions of being a bread angel, please contact us.  You can read more about Bread Angels here and here.

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