Space for a Bread Angel

I am hoping that there is only one space left for the Bread Angel pilot.  A burst of enthusiasm before Christmas has, unfortunately seen one person drop out, having woken up to the fact that she is too busy to set up another business in her already busy life.  The task of collecting the Bread Angel fees and organising when we can all meet is the next hurdle.  I will know the pilot members when the money is in the bank!  So, if you have signed up, please send me your cheques so we can begin.

What that means is that there is one place at least to be filled for the pilot (I would dearly love six people for the pilot).  If you woud like to have your very own social franchise dedicated to teaching people how to become home bakers, please contact us.  You could make a huge contribution to society and earn good money too.  A true “social enterprise”.

I look forward to hearing from you!

1 thought on “Space for a Bread Angel”

  1. OK. I’m interested to find out more about what is involved in becoming a bread Angel. I live in London, run my own soft furnishing business, but am interested in the whole concept of Virtuous Bread. Also, have an idea of where (possibly) we could make a DIY bakery.


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