The world premiere of Baking a Basic Loaf


While Jane is in Germany spreading the Virtuous Bread word (and eating plenty of  pumpernickel bread), I’ve had the honours to write about our latest project.

The wonderful Shedlight Productions have helped us put together a nifty video tutorial, which makes it even easier to learn how to make bread. If you’re already a pro, I bet you can still pick up some useful tips.

While bread recipes in cookbooks can be excellent, some of them really make you feel confused. Is the dough supposed to look this sticky? How long should I knead? When do I add the raisins? With these video tutorials  we hope to show that it really isn’t difficult to make a delicious loaf of bread. However, if you do get stuck you can pause, rewind and take a second (third, fourth…) look. Brilliant, isn’t it?

I hope you’re ready for the world premiere of Baking a Basic Loaf, starring starlet Jane Mason and the equally talented Mr. Dough. Watch this space for more video tutorials, and keep an eye on Virtuous Bread’s youtube channel for other fun clips.

“Baking bread is a piece of cake”

“Stretch your dough, and squash your dough and throw your dough on the table if that’s what makes you happy”

“I’m a lard girl, bring it on”

“Not a split, not a crack. It smells amazing. It’s a prizewinner”

Let us know what you think, we would love to hear your comments! Also, if you’ve made a lovely loaf lately and want to share the bread joy with us, why not telll us about it on our Facebook wall? Come on, make us get bread envy!

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  1. These are fun!
    How about a few more? We like soft rolls but they vary from slightly tough & hard through to hollow puffs! (Fell asleep while they were rising- oops!) ……. Oh yes……. I want that great scraper you use!

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