How to photograph bread

VB spent two days last week with an incredibly talented team from Ryland Peters & Small photographing bread.  Taking a few (ok, 12) bread recipes, we spent a time baking, cutting, presenting, eating, snacking, styling, and photographing for a special book on bread that will come out this time next year.

It was amazing what Peter Cassidy was able to do with bread.  My photos of bread look like, well, bread.  Brown, shapely, edible and bread like.  His photos, on the other hand, look like unmade beds – all of them earthy and redolent of the experience of the past and the promise of the future.  The most sensual photos of anything I have ever seen – and that is what bread is.  Sensual, evocative, emotional and, yes, sexy!  I cannot show you any of Pete’s photos and mine are a very distant booby prize, but they are a great reminder of a great day preparing for a great book.  Thanks all.

Learn to bake bread in London baking courses in London
Pete in action in his studio
Lean to bake bread in London
Julia looking longingly at the focaccia de recco
Bread courses London
Iona rolling out a pita bread
Bread courses London
The kringel - eaten in a flash at the RPS offices - wouldn't you?
Leran to bake bread in London
OK, we nearly set fire to the studio...
Bread baking courses London
Iona and Pete in deep discussion about a shot
Learn to bake bread in London
Toys for the boys (and girls) - but I will stick to the dough

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  1. I’ve looked over Peter’s website, his pictures looks fantastic, made me…almost licking the monitor 🙂

    A ” how to make bread photos ” tutorial, will help a lot, many of us.

    iulian from Romania

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