Breakfast at Number Ten

What does the Prime Minister eat for breakfast?  Does he even eat breakfast?  And what about his family?  Well, here at the global headquarters of Virtuous Bread we have some inside information for the curious.

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Virtuous Bread outside Number Ten

Not that we know everything.  Not even, that we know anything much.  We do know, however, that Samantha Cameron bakes bread and that the Cameron family loves bread.  Taking a punt on that, I delivered three virtuous loaves to Number Ten yesterday in a Virtuous Bread bag, and handed them over to one of Samantha Cameron’s aides (I thought it would be a bit gauche to hand them to her in front of 35 people).  The occasion was the reception for the Red Magazine Red Hot Women Award winners and there was no way I was going to miss the chance to take bread to the Prime Minister and his family even if I was not going to hand them to her in public.

Just to make sure said aide did not run off with the still warm bread in the bag and share it with the hungry police men, security guards, and secret service men, I did tell SamCam about the bread when I met her.  I told her that there was bread waiting for her and what was in it.  This made all the listeners particulalry hungry as a breakfast reception at Number Ten includes tea, coffee and, erm, brownies…If only they told me, I could have made more bread and brought along the butter as well.

I like to think that SamCam and Fam enjoyed the bread this morning for breakfast, unlike Lord Wei whose bread was taken off him and destroyed to protect a valuable national asset (that would be him…) from a potential poisoning.  Given that there is photographic and, no doubt, video and audio evidence that it was I who delivered the bread, I hope that the secret service people did not destroy it, thinking I was foolish enough to make mischief when it is clear that the deliverer was me.  I only hope that, once having volunteered to be official tasters, the security services did not fib and say “no no, there is clearly poison in here” only to take it round the back of the bike shed, slice it, smear it with butter, and scoff the lot.

I would have done that if I would had been them because I can tell you now, the bread was fine.  Three loaves, all different and amazing – one savoury rye, one with Rude Health fruity date porridge and one with Conscious Foods millet.  No photos were taken as this is potentially a matter of national security.  The recipes, however, are in the recipe section for you to try at home.

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  1. I am savouring the bread, relishing the tale of ‘Number Ten, ! You write well, but am sure you bake much better !!
    Cheers to you and the new year projects !!!!!!

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