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Marzipan – in its many forms – is a luxurious addition to cooking world wide.  Clearly it originated where the almond trees originate – in China and Central Asia – and then it spread as people spread:  along the silk road and to the Mediterranean countries. Around high days and holidays is when Marzipan really

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On going training is the best way to learn

My bakery training did not take place at college.  This is a well known fact about me and it is partly what enables me to be a great baker and a great teacher.  I have seen a lot and I have been trained by great bakers all over the world.   From Cambodia and Canada,

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Ka’ak are the third in our series on Banned Buns (click here to read the first and second of our banned bun recipes).  They are little, crispy buns shaped like tiny bagels and they used to be on sale all over Syria in coffee shops, bakeries and bars.  Sprinkled with sesame seeds and satisfying crunchy,

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Khubz Mahala

This was the first in a series of recipes for Banned Buns developed when Donald Trump banned certain people, even American people, from entering the USA. Not being American or even in the US on holiday, there was nothing I could do except protest in print and send thoughts and sympathy to people who have

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Of lack and longing

Many people focus on what they don’t have.   You may know them: everything about what they say and what they do reinforces how their life is incomplete.  In general, they speak one of two languages:  the language of longing or the language of lack.   The language of longing has about it a kind

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Recipe for sourdough starters

How do I store my sourdough starter?

I recently received a question about keeping sourdough starters.  The writer had the sad experience that his starter went mouldy and died.  What, he asked, could he do to prevent this from happening given that he uses his starter once every couple of weeks.  I have written about making and using starters and this made

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