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How do I use a proofing basket?

A long time ago I wrote a post about the difference between proofing in a basket and proofing in a tin.  Since then I have received lots of questions about proofing baskets.  The top five questions about proofing baskets are: 1.  Where do I buy proofing baskets?2.  Do I bake in the proofing basket?3.  How

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High hydration doughs

Here at the global HQ of Virtuous Bread, we frequently reflect on bread.  Who bakes it?  Where are they baking it?  Why? And how?  People who come to bread classes may be surprised at how hard we make them work to knead the bread for 10 minutes by hand!  Insisting on this activity is a

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Improve your mental health by baking bread

We are beginning to prove conclusively that baking bread, at least in part by hand, has a positive impact on mental health.  Without scientific evidence, we at the global HQ of Virtuous Bread, the Bread Angels, and the thousands of people we have taught to bake bread over the years can give anecdotal evidence to

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Four of the best bakery hacks for you!

Setting up a bakery can seem daunting.  Even if you want to mess around at home after taking one of our wonderful bread courses can seem daunting. All that stuff!  It may seem like rather a lot to spend, especially if you don’t know whether you are going to take to it. Ladies and gentlemen

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