Helpful and fun 30 a Weeks videos

The idea of these videos is to show you some of the tips and tricks to make your 30 a week easy. 

Here you will get to watch some thrilling content about:

– roasting
– grilling
– dry roasting
– why certain vegetables are SO MUCH better cooked
– how to LOVE saurkraut
– and so much more!

See below…

vegetables and fruits

Video wall

Dry beans are inexpensive and delicious.  Learn how to cook them so you get loads of plants in one pot.

Do you like lentils?  Learn how to make delicious lentils with loads of plants added to get you closer to 30 a week in one dish.

Use your coffee grinder for spices too – find out the best way to clean it between grinds!

Vegetable stock powder will change your life!  So quick and simple in a pinch.

How to dry roast vegetables on the stove top to add delicious flavour.

Vegetables on sale?  Buy them and make simple pickles to preserve them.

The skins of peppers can give you a tummy ache.  Dry roasting and peeling them makes them DELICIOUS and easier to digest.

Got eggs?  Add some vegetables and dry mixed herbs to make an elegant omelette with plenty of plants.  Makes a great change.

Your morning smoothie is a great way to get plants into you!  Here are some ideas…..

Dry chiles are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into your diet to increase your plant count.  Here is how to prepare them!

Garnishing your meals with simple  salsas can add LOADS of plants to every meal.  Learn more!

Inexpensive and delicious, here are hree reasons to LOVE the humble onion – and how to eat them more frequently. 

There are certain vegetables that are better cooked.  IMHO this includes kale.  COOK YOUR KALE!!!!!

Eat more lentils – and loads of other plants – in this fantastic summer salad!

OMG!!!!  You CAN eat the GREEN ENDS of spring onions too!  Here are some great ideas.  Delicious, nutritions, and no waste!

You like jalapeños?  Fantastic!  Use them in an amazing green soup.  Eat your plants!

How to roast aubergines so they are soft an yummy with NO OIL!

Use those roasted aubergines (and lots of other plants) to make delicious and simple  dishes.

Cooking on a budget?  Need more plants?  Learn to cook and LOVE beans.  As in dried beans, not green beans!

Increase your plant count by making bread with loads of seeds and grains!

Lessons in LEGUMES part 1.  Learn to cook them properly with LOADS of other plants at the same time.  Get to your 30 a week with almost no effort at all.

Lessons in LEGUMES part 2.  Eat your beans!  Dry beans are less expensive (and lighter) than tinned ones.  AND cooking them enables you to eat other plants too!

Lessons in LEGUMES part 3.  Why it’s important to soak your dry beans before cooking them.  One reason?  It reduces fartiness…

Lessons in LEGUMES part 4.  What if you forget to soak your beans?  Here is the “quick soak” method.

Lessons in LEGUMES part 5.  Different beans have different cooking times – more info for you!

Lessons in LEGUMES part 6.  So, what are those cooking times?  And if I use a pressure cooker?????

Lessons in LEGUMES part 7.  Beans give you wind?  Start eating them slowly (small amounts) and follow these tips to reduce fartiness…

Lessons in LEGUMES part 8.  Not only do you get beans, you get a delicious vegetables stock when you cook your own.  LOTS of PLANTS!

Lessons in LEGUMES part 9.  So you have your beans (and plenty of other plants) what can you do now?  Have a listen.

Lessons in LEGUMES part 10.  Yummy!  A delicious salad made with your cooked beans.  Simple LOADS of plants here.

Lessons in LEGUMES part 11.  A hearty, fantastic soup you can make with your beans!  Even more plants!

Lessons in LEGUMES part 12.  There are loads of different kinds of beans – and they all taste and feel different.  How many do you have in your cupboard?

I love barley!  Use it in soups and salads.  Eat your plants!

Lessons in LEGUMES part 12.  There are loads of different kinds of beans – and they all taste and feel different.  How many do you have in your cupboard?

PSSSSST. No self respecting German eats saurkraut RAW.  Guácala!  Unless you are really hard core, COOK THE KRAUT.  Then it’s delicious.  Here’s how.

Lemons!  How delicious (and yes, a plant) but honestly what size lemon am I supposed to use?

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