30 a Week

Somewhere between  Professor Tim Spector and Professor Timothy Lang the number “30” a week was conceived.

What does that even mean?

You can improve your  health by improving your microbiome.  That’s the scientific term for the good things that live in your insides to help you digest food well.  When we digest food well, we  use all the nutrients that are available to us and we get rid of all of the waste efficiently and effectively.  To improve our microbiome we should eat lots of, and a variety of, plants.  30 week is the target.


It sounds impossible and expensive but it need not be either.  We are here to help you increase your plant intake simply, without breaking the bank. 

assorted vegetables

Why Jane?

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. I am a professional baker, enthusiastic eater, experimental and sometime professional cook, and cook book writer descended from a pariparetic family.  Between us, stops in life have included England, Germany, most countries in Asia, Puerto Rico, Sweden, South Africa, and Mexico where I now spend part of my time.

As a result of all of these influences, I have learned how to include a wide range of fruit and veg, as well as seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, and pulses in my otherwise omnivore diet.

I am delighted to share recipes and ideas on how to get 30 a week into your diet.  See below!

Two short videos about 30 a week

(for those of you who prefer to watch videos)

OMG!  I just realised it’s not easy in some countries – but it need not be super difficult either – stick with me!

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