What is Bread Angels?

In 2010, realising I could not change the world alone, I developed and taught the first microbakery course.  I designed the course to help budding entrepreneurs, set up their own bread businesses, and structured it along three main content areas: bread, sales and marketing, and admin and logistics.

Hundreds of people have now completed the microbakery course and the Bread Angels, as we are called, is the largest network of micro bakers in the world. In addition to baking real bread and teaching bread courses, many have scooped prizes at the World Bread Awards, won small business awards, received business development grants from private and public sources and – most importantly – developed a loyal, dedicated customer base made up of people who love their bread, no longer consume the industrial loaf, and who influence their local communities regarding the benefits of eating good bread.

Embarking on a new career takes confidence. It also takes time to get to a stage where you feel you know enough, are good enough, can answer questions or at least know where to find the answers, and believe in yourself enough to “put yourself out there.” Trust me when I say that buying bread from a Bread Angel is a guarantee of excellence. The Bread Angels are simply too hard working, honest, and humble, to sell bad bread.

When it comes to teaching, we believe our classes are the best in the world and that is because we care. Classes are small and intimate, students get a lot of attention, everyone gets stuck in and bakes every loaf, recipes and techniques are shared and questions are invited. We can remember your names with out name tags and there is never any rushing through your concerns. Bread Angels love talking about bread and we provide as much support – during and after classes – as our students want.

Check us on on trip advisor and you will see that the reviews, regularly read, are excellent.  

We call ourselves a “social franchise” because we all contribute to help each other succeed. Afterall, when the water comes into the river all the boats float.  The more great bakers and teachers there are, the more great bread people will eat. The more successful entrepreneurs and business owners there are, the more taxes get paid, the more people are employed, the more individuals are satisfied with their lives.  We think it’s a great model.  It’s a model so traditional and yet so ahead of its time.  Supportive, sharing, dedicated, and professional people delivering an excellent products that people buy repeatedly and recommend to others.  

That’s what we do and we are proud of it.

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