Community building through bread

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Virtuous Bread was established was to effect positive social change through bread.  Over the years many of the Bread Angels who have done the micro bakery course with Virtuous Bread have gone on to forge businesses as well as build communities through bread.  Working at schools, in prisons, and with old people, homeless people and disadvantaged people has many advantages.  It’s fulfilling, it’s fun and there is a genuine knowledge – gained through the faces and the feed back of the participants – that the world is being changed for the better.

Recently, one of the Bread Angels, Liz Wilson, otherwise known as Ma Baker Bakes – an award winning baker and brilliant teacher and all round delightful and lovely and generous person – traveled to Wrexham to participate in the pilot project of the Moneypenny foundation.  The project aims to help young women between 18 and 24 who are unemployed and who have been identified as disadvantaged in some way.  It seeks to build skills and confidence in a coaching-led approach to personal and professional and social development.

The young women on the Moneypenny project in Wrexham
The young women on the Moneypenny project in Wrexham with their gorgeous bread

Liz went to teach a baking class for the women – none of whom had ever baked before and all of whom turned out beautiful loaves.  Their faces show their confidence and their delight and Liz’s face is a picture of joy and pride.  As it should be.  The powerful powers of bread.

Liz (in the middle) with her students
Liz (in the middle) with her students and their lovely bread

Click here if you would like to take a class with Liz in London.  Not in London?  Never mind, click here and pop in your post code to find the trainer nearest you.  Would you like to join a growing band of professional micro bakers who change the world through bread in so many ways?  Click here – we’d love to welcome you.

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