What is it to be a female entrepreneur? or maybe just a female…

This song and video combination, sent to me by a friend recently has reduced me to tears many times over the past few days.  It utterly captures what I go through:  juggling plates, thinking, thinking, analysing, analysing, and, yes, probably dreaming, dreaming of what it is I want to do, need to do, ought to have done, should be doing…the good list, the bad list, the relentless list, the never ending list, the “it’s on this list” of things to do.

I do have amazing and uplifting moments, moments when I feel I am making a difference.  Yet much of the time I feel like I am letting everyone down, like I am disappointing all who know me, like I need more time…time…time…and yet I must awaken with grace and elegance in order to get through another day.  Who knew, someone would understand?  Watch it here:



5 thoughts on “What is it to be a female entrepreneur? or maybe just a female…”

  1. Bready, I’m loving the vids, fantastic, you’re a complete natural in front of that camera. Beautifully put together, can’t wait for our get together. Al xx

  2. Hi – maybe I’m missing the point Jane – after all I’m not a female entrepreneur, ( I’m the other type) but I think I understand what you mean. When I get to the end of the day I often feel I’ve done lots and been busy but achieved little.
    I think you are doing amazing things and I admire you and your work – but mostly I admire your voice – not literally of course (your Canadian) but the authenticity of your voice. It’s not easy to speak with clarity and passion about the things you care and you are able to do this wonderfully.

  3. P: thank you. that is helpful, believe me. And, FYI, this post’s video is neatly side by side with your films and about 10 people have seen them for the first time and they LOVE them so thank you for making them for me and helping me achieve that clarity.

  4. I’m making your basic loaf right now. I love the videos they are perfect for folks like me that get overwhelmed by recipe books. Plus it was just like having you in my kitchen!! I narrowly avoided a “flour and laptop accident” but it was well worth it to have you in my kitchen:)

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