Which nationality cuts a cross in their bread before eating it?

There may be more than one answer to this question (for which I apologise) but I am looking for one specific nationality.  First one with correct answer get a loaf like the one in the photo (UK only, sorry) which is a sour dough rye with spelt and seeds.  Yum.

Well, sadly nobody won the competition.  And the answer is:  The Hungarians!

19 thoughts on “Which nationality cuts a cross in their bread before eating it?”

  1. Sorry, a bit late….
    I am originally from Austria and my mum still makes a cross in every bread before she cuts it.

  2. What about who makes the worst bread for your next poll? Some places need a nudge e.g.Singapore where the idea of ‘good bread’ is at about the same level as a McDonalds burger bun for most people here.We need to campaign for better bread &what better place to start?

  3. well my mum who is French also used to make a cross on the bottom of the bread before slicing it!

  4. Romanians they make a cross on the bread and I guess all or most of the people whose religion is orthodox.

    1. Hi Julian, I think you are right. I first heard of it from a friend in Hungary. Since then many Catholic/Orthodox people of all nationalities have come back to me saying that they do too!

  5. The Irish of course! We cut a cross into the top of our soda bread before baking it!

  6. edward blacksmith

    Do you know why crosses were cut in bread at least in the UK?You are most likely wrong it is very old and was to stop the real fairies from getting into the dough and stopping it rising. They were the people who lived here well before the Romans and were small and dark and blamed for everything. They become Brownies but are little people in the middle ages.

  7. I’m originally from Austria, which is prominently a catholic country. I remember as a child, all adult would make three cross signs on the bottom of each new loaf before cutting it. When I asked why I was told that it reminds us to thank and be grateful for our ‘daily bread’.

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