The best bread courses in London and the UK

I say it without blushing or bleating:  Our bread courses are the best you will find.

You can simply believe me and book a bread course here or buy a gift voucher for someone you know this Christmas, or you can read on …

There are several reasons why our bread courses are the best you will find: 

1.  The classes are small so you get lots of attention and support and you don’t feel shy about asking questions.


Gift vouchers for bread courses
Small classes are cosy!

2.  You do the work – mixing, kneading, shaping, baking – you don’t just watch.

Easy recipe for Germany Christmas Stollen
All hands on deck buttering and sugaring the stollen

3.  You get great food (and lots of it).

Courses with great food
Delicious home made food

4.  You bake two or three different kinds of bread (or more) in every class so you learn a lot and have plenty of bread to take home.

Learn to bake different kinds of bread in every class
Learn more than one bread in every class

The most important reason the bread courses with Virtuous Bread are the best is this:

5.  The trainers are exceptional bakers and exceptional people – kind, interesting, and interested in you:  who you are, what you do, and why you want to bake bread.

Some of the Bread Angles as our recent reunion.
Some of the Bread Angles as our recent reunion.

Bread Angels – and all of the trainers are Bread Angels – are amazing people.  Bread Angels know, you see, that it is possible to change the world through bread by baking and selling healthful and delicious real bread as well as teaching valuable skills, building confidence, developing self esteem and forging positive relationships that form the basis of strong communities.  Bread Angels are kind, interested and skilful professionals who are adept at bringing out the best in their students and firing them up with enthusiasm so that they want to continue to bake bread long after they have left the class.

Come and take a bread course with us, or buy a gift voucher for someone else this holiday season.  Better still, join us!  Become a Bread Angel and learn to set up a micro bakery and teach baking courses to enrich others and earn a living.  A Virtuous Bread bread course, taught by a Bread Angel, is a marvellous experience – and one that stays with you in a good way for a long time to come.

Bread Angels are amazing in every way!
Bread Angels are amazing in every way!


6 thoughts on “The best bread courses in London and the UK”

    1. Hey! That is a great question. We have all flours in all classes – 100% of the time trainers will have white and whole wheat and depending on what they bake and teach they are likely to have rye and spelt. I have all of them (plus pizza and ciabatta flour). You can use whatever flour you like, whenever you like! Of course, traditional Italian and French bread is made with white flour, but there is no reason you could not make them with whole in the actual class. German bread is heavier – with lots of whole flour (wheat, rye, and spelt) and although bagels are traditionally white, there is no reason you cannot do whole! So please feel like you can come and learn about the flour you like to use at home. You are welcome!

  1. The best bread baking courses in the UK? That’s a heck of a boast but I can believe. I went on the microbakery course and it was the most fun and instructive course I can remember being on. I have never learnt so much in such a short time. IMMENSE!

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