Jon Ungoed-Thomas Sunday Times Journalist Needs to Eat More Good Bread! was thrilled to read about bread in the Sunday Times on 11 July 2010 in a marvellous, short piece about Andrew Whitley and The Real Bread Campaign’s report about in-supermarket baking (“What’s in Your Bread” by Jon Ungoed-Thomas).  The report does not make pretty reading and it is important that as many people as possible know about it so well done Mr Ungoed-Thomas for reporting about it!  However, we here at are worried that MrThomas is underfed and needs to eat more bread as it sounds like he is unfamiliar with the fact that there are hundreds of fantastic bakers dotted all around the UK, having referenced only one – the marvellous Hobbs House Bakery

The Real Bread Campaign’s Bread Finder is a great resource that helps people find bread by asking them to put in their post code.  The Bread Finder then directs the users to a Real Bread Campaign recognised baker close to them.  At we have a different approach to helping people find good bread which is to eat as much bread as we can and list, in the Virtuous Network, the bakers whose bread we have tried and loved.  Many of these bakers have mail order services.  So, if you know of a great baker who bakes with love and without artifical ingredients please contact us.  If you are a baker who bakes with love and without artifical ingredients and you would like to be listed in the Virtuous Network please contact us.  If you would like to make your own bread at home, click here for tips and recipes.

And if you are John Ungoed-Thomas please tell your readers about and about the Real Bread Campaign’s Bread Finder as sources that, among other things, make it fun and easy for people to find good bread.

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