A Bake Off: Part Two

Earlier I wrote about the kick off to the bake off that will showcase the flour milled by traditional millers in the UK.  Well, we settled on the rules:

1.  We will use stone ground whole meal flour. 

2.  We will make a “one pound loaf” in a “one pound tin”.

As you see, the rules are pretty simple and that is because this is not about winning and losing, it is about experiencing different flour.

It is with great excitement that I have already heard from the following:

Michael Stoate of Stoate’s Flour at Cann Mill
Mandy James of Redbournbury Watermill
Caroline Rawle of Mill Green Museum and Mill

Do check out these amazing mills by clicking the link and seeing what they do.  Some are open to the public and some, although private, are run by delightful people who are happy to show visitors around.  Going to see a working wind or water mill is a great way to spend a day.

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