Swedish Babes do Bread

…and do it well.  Click on the video link to see what one Swedish babe thinks about bread and wait with bated breath for the next issue of Virtuousbread.com magazine to read all about a top Swedish baker and the revolution that is going on in the Swedish bread culture.

7 Replies to “Swedish Babes do Bread”

  1. She needs to travel a bit more- there are artisan bakers here in the US that are world class- see the results of the International Bread Bakers’ Guild Coupe du Monde de Boulangerie (US won 2005, and place in 2008). Granted- we need a LOT MORE good bread around, but it’s growing here.

    And I lived near Hamburg for several months, so I do know good German bread and have a good reference point.

    1. Thanks for that Chris! However you have to admit both the US and the UK have a reputation for terrible bread and thankfully in both cases it is improving (my life’s mission…). My mother is from Hamburg and there is tons of good bread but, as per my latest post, the bakers are not terribly cooperative!

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