Making sourdough crackers at the Masai Mara in Kenya!

Last year I had a lovely student named Tricia come to the sourdough class.  She wanted to learn sourdough because she lives for half the year on the edge of the Masai Mara and cannot  get good bread.  Nor can she always get yeast.  Nor is the electricity supply necessarily reliable.  The answer?  Sourdough!

Tricia came to take the sourdough class when she was in London in December.  We always make 100% rye and a rye and wheat and/or spelt mix and we always make crackers.  Yes!  You can make crackers at home and, believe me, they are fantastic.  Tricia went straight out and bought a pokey rolling pin from Amazon in their children’s baking set and got to work.  After perfecting cracker making in London and going back home to Kenya, she made crackers and has taught others to make them too.  They are a hit!

Learn to make sourdough bread and crackers
Tricia instructing on the art of cracker making

From Sweden to Kenya via London, sourdough crackers – WOW!

Learn to make sourdough bread and crackers in London
Flying solo!

Why did Tricia want to bake with sourdough?

If you bake with sourdough you no longer need to buy yeast as you always have yeast to hand – trapped in its paste of flour and water.  If you lose or run out of your sourdough you can make more!  If you dry your sourdough and store it as a powder you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive and dormant in the fridge if you don’t want to feed it every day.  To learn more about sourdough, click here. For the cracker recipe click here and substitute 40 g refreshed rye sourdough for the yeast.  To read more about Tricia’s adventures and how she landed on the edge of the Masai Mara, click here.

Learn to make sourdough bread and crackers in London
Sourdough is simple!


3 thoughts on “Making sourdough crackers at the Masai Mara in Kenya!”

  1. actualy we have ben enjoing the sorudough-crackers here in maasai mara, and we hope every one in kenya will also like it ,i liked the way Tricia taught me how to do it ,its wow

    1. Hey John! I am so pleased you like them – they are super delicious. What do you eat them with in Kenya. Here we have cheese or hummus on them. Jane

  2. Thanks for the starter, Jane. I successfully made the bag drop to to Stephanie, who was standing by for me to hand it over as the train rumbled through St James station. She’s headed to Uganda Sunday, and will undoubtedly have the same success as Tricia did in Masai Mara. Will tell her to report back when she returns to London.

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