Learn to make potato and rosemary bread – with leftovers!

Christmas is over, we are into starving, dieting, and fasting, and I wonder how much food was thrown away this year?  All that leftover food from the ritual of gorging makes me feel disgusted, if I am honest.  What is it about us that we need to do feast and then famine?  Why cannot we moderate ourselves?  Believe me, I am in the same camp:  no booze, no sweets, more exercise….sigh.

In a fit of housewifery in austerity Britain, in a desire to have a little ray of light in my otherwise dark, alcohol and sugar-free January days, and as a theme continued from Dinner Party Bread (made with leftovers and then made to look fancy) we here at the global HQ of Virtuous Bread are experimenting with all sorts of leftovers in bread.

The Irish and their early Canadian cousins have long put potatoes into their bread:  potatoes were cheap and wheat flour was expensive so potatoes were an inexpensive bulking agent in bread.  Going one further, we decided to make extra mash and put that into bread.  And when we say extra mash, we mean extra mash:  full fat milk, butter, salt, pepper, and grainy mustard.  Kneaded into white bread with the addition of fresh rosemary, the result was absolutely amazing.  Moist, delicately flavoured, soft of crumb, incredible plain and toasted – it disappeared in a flash.

When kneading mash into bread dough, prepare yourself for the fact that it is going to be sticky.  Mash is mush, afterall, and it will not contribute to the stretchy springiness of bread dough – rather it will take away from it.  Don’t freak out, just keep kneading, sticking, scraping, kneading, sticking scraping….and I promise you, the results will amaze you.

Here’s the recipe!

3 thoughts on “Learn to make potato and rosemary bread – with leftovers!”

  1. hi, i e-mailed last year for dates on courses on basic bread making in liecester and i spoke to rosie but last year you
    had to cancel twice
    sorry cant find this years dates could you please e-mail

    with thanks george

  2. I have a question on the amount of mashed potatoes added to the recipe for Rosemary-Potato Bread. You stated to add no more than half the amount of potatoes to the total weight of the dough. To do that, do you add all the ingredients for the total weight, or just the dough ingredients ?

    I apologize for not understanding, but I wanted to be clear. Thank you for your time.

    1. I apologise but I don’t understand your question! Wow we are having difficulty! If you are making, for example, a 500 g dough (300 g flour and 200 g water) add up to 250 g mash. Does that make sense? You can add less, of course, and more if you like, but it becomes very sloppy to knead if you add more. You cna either knead the mash in from the beginning or knead dough and let it rest for 15 minutes and then gently fold in the mash. Up to you if you want to see/taste/feel the mash do the latter. If you want it whoolly integrated, do the former!

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