The world’s first sourdough hotel? You have got to be kidding…

I am laughing fit to burst.  The world’s first sourdough hotel has opened up in Stockholm, Sweden.  You pay to have your dough fed!  Go on holiday: they feed your dough.  Go away for the week end:  they feed your dough.  Cannot be bothered:  they feed your dough. Scared it will die:  they feed your dough.  You pay, they feed.  Ok, here is the message people:


Your sourdough will live happily in your fridge forever – unfed, unwatered, unloved.  It will also live in your freezer.  You can also spread it out onto wax paper with a spatula, dry it, crumble it and put it in a jar and it will live in your cupboard.  It is not a baby.  It is not even a husband.  Admittedly, when you are reunited with it you will have to give it some food and wait for 4-12 hours before it will perform (ok, maybe it IS like a husband…) but this only means you will not be able to bake STRAIGHT AWAY THE MOMENT YOU RETURN.  However, who, other than a professional baker, needs to bake STRAIGHT AWAY and if you are a professional baker you probably have an assistant.  You could (brain wave of a genius) just come back from holiday a day early so you can refresh the dough and start baking when you need to. You could read up on  how to make a sourdough starter and how to tame your sourdough and make bread, you could take a sourdough course, but then again, you could put your sourdough into a hotel.  Yesssss….

Please, please, please, don’t be a slave to your sourdough.  This kind of thing does not do anybody any favours.  Especially not the novice who is teetering on the brink of making sourdough bread.  Sourdough is robust.  One of mine has been alive since 1857.  It has dried out.  One jar was found lurking in the back of the fridge and had been there for five years.  It has been packaged up and sent air mail to Jersey, Germany, and the USA.  It has been sent first class within the UK countless times.  It has also gone across the USA on a grey hound bus.  The result of these journeys?  Happy recipients still baking away as I type.

Spend my dough on my dough?  You have got to be kidding.  I would rather spend my dough on me.


3 thoughts on “The world’s first sourdough hotel? You have got to be kidding…”

  1. It is great to hear that it is spreading over the web, we are the ones that run the “sourdough hotel” here in stockholm…

    Every swedish newspaper has been here together with a few news stations as well as 4 foreign newspapers and as a piece de la recistance Reuters are coming here on Tuesday…

    Yes we do look after your sourdough if you want us to. As a mater of fact we do it for a sourdough collector who has collected doughs from around Sweden, the oldest being 130 years. That was when we came up with the idea, mostly for fun I must admit…

    I just wonder how they managed back then? You know; before the first sourdough hotel 😉

    Urban Deli

    1. I LOVE THIS! Thanks for responding! I Love that the papers are interested and that you have managed to fill a niche. You see I sort of think it is funny (and unnecessary) but make hay while the sun shines I always say! My sourdough is from 1857. When I next come to Stockholm (I come a couple of times a year) I will bring you some if you like. Back then – they rolled it in their blankets and got on with their day! Sourdough hotel much more civilised!

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