How do you say Thank You in Welsh?

You say “ddioch” but don’t ask me to pronounce it.  Thankfully, this is a written blog so I can write a big ddioch to the people at Halen Mor who are providing Halen Mor gwyn a glan o gymru – that is sea salt from Wales – for the first annual (it’s become the first annual) BBC/TCMG/ bake off as described in various posts over the past few days starting with this one

It’s important to remind myself that we started this whole process off by asking six millers to post us a bag of flour – at their expense – for the princely sum of a loaf of bread in return.  Why?  Because we thought it would be fun, educational, interesting, beneficial to all concerned, and because we are flour freaks.  At the point where it grew arms and legs due to the thoughtful enthusiasm of Nick Jones, head of the TCMG who wanted to extend the invitation to all members, it occured to me to ask for a donation of yeast and a donation of salt.  Such is the power of bread that both wishes were fulfilled within hours, accompanied by such generous good wishes that this is all beginning to feel Very Good Indeed.  We now have everything we need for the bake off and unless Thames water breaks down on the day (in which case I will make Fergus collect water from the Thames in a bucket) we will have a great day thanks to the generosity of the TCMG millers, our man from the BBC, Allinsons and last, but definately not least, the folks at Halen Mon. Ddioch.

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  1. To be accurate, it’s DIOLCH – single D and has an L

    and Halen Mor = the product, sea-salt, whereas Halen Môn (note the circumflex) = the company, Anglesey salt


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