Where do I buy bread in Windsor?

Where can I get good bread near Windsor?  Well, let us tell you!

WHere to get good bread in Windsor
The German Bakery in Windsor

On a rainy day, fellow Bread Angel, Ursi (owner of Little Bear Bakery) and I went on a mini bread safari to the German Bakery in Windsor.  A kind soul had written into the VB website and alerted us to the presence of the bakery – so I called Ursi (100% German so a better judge than 50% me) and off we went hoping, I confess, for cafe und kuchen on such a miserable day.

The bakery is on one of the little high streets in Windsor, having been flooded out of their farm shop and taken over the premises of a traditional English bakery that had closed down.  There is a treatise on why to eat rye bread hanging outside, so that’s a good sign.

What is so good about rye bread
Why eat rye bread

The other good sign is the one hanging in the store that informs customers that they do not sell sliced bread. Ha!  That is brilliant if you are into real bread like we are.

The german bakery in Windsor
Slice your own people!

Although there is no cafe there is a good range of German goodies, some lovely bread and a small range of lovely cakes – my favourite poppy seed (recipe in All You Knead Is Bread) and, although the crust was a little too fat for my taste, it was still good once we got it home and made our own coffee.

How to make poppy seed cake
Poppy Seed cake at the German Bakery

We bought some obatdza (a spread made with cheese, butter, caraway and other delicious things) and had it on top of the bread we bought (part rye/part wheat) and it tasted mighty fine.

It’s a bit of a trek from London if you cannot get a coffee and a cake to eat in when you get there but there are plenty of other cafes in Windsor (and the castle, of course) so it’s worth a trip if you have to make one and if you live in Windsor and buy bread you should definitely check it out.

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  1. Thanks for your visit and as we listen to our customers, we are now serving authentic German coffee and very exotic teas. of course the place is limited in space but humangous in quality.

    Thank you very much for such professional review, you really are a Bread Connouseur. Most appreciated !

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