Bread Recipes for Dinner Parties

Are you stuck for bread recipe ideas for dinner parties?  Virtuous Bread has bread making courses that will teach you how to bake these simple bread recipes that will impress your friends.

Jabbering with my neighbour Jen (who is also one of my customers) is a good time to talk bread in its various forms.  In spite of taking the week off from teaching (and thus having my nails painted fire engine red) I am continuing to bake and experiment – mostly with scraps of food that I have scrounged from various and sundry.  Left over bread is often turned into food (soup, salad, puddings) but what about left over food being turned into bread?

Some scrappy watercress scrounged from Alfie at the New Covent Garden Market at Nine Elms, some tomatoes from the floor of the garden, some cheese from the top of a cheddar that Jill of the Cheese deemed unsaleable, some herbs scavenged from the communal garden and some garlic given to me by a friend and away I went into the land of leftover bread except that the results were so good that Jen has christened it the Dinner Party Collection!

Here are photos of some of the simple bread recipes for dinner parties:

Bread making course-Cheese and watercress bread for Dinner Parties
Cheese and watercress bread for Dinner Parties
Bread making course-dinner party bread
Roast tomato/pesto bread sticks for Dinner Parties

The dough recipe that I teach on this bread making course is a fantastic ciabatta recipe developed by taking the best of various ciabatta recipes I have read over the years.  The fillings are entirely what I – well – scrounged.  I hope you think the result looks as good as I think it looks.  And the taste!  Well!  Jen basically squawked in delight and immediately frog marched me around the garden and cleared out her fridge in order to hunt and gather leftover to encourage me to expand the collection!  I will definitely develop a course around the dinner party collection.  Just before Christmas?  What do you think?

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