Be virtuously, rudely healthy and enter our baking competition!

Make rudely healthy bread for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner, and tea…) with our bread baking competition!

Rude Health muesli, granola, porridge, and cereal are all fantastic ingredients for home baked bread, adding irresistible goodness to your daily slices.  Rude Health and Virtuous Bread have joined forces to find the best recipe for home baked bread that includes Rude Health food.  
There are only four rules:

#1:  Your loaf should be free of modern wheat.  So get creative with other delicious types of flour.
#2:  Your loaf should contain any one of your favourite Rude Health breakfasts.
#3:  You should submit your loaf in person or by post:  Rude Health, 1 Glenville Mews, Kimber Road, London SW18 4NJ
#4.  Your loaf should reach us between 25-29 October.

There are also four fantastic prizes….

First Prize includes a goodie bag with all sorts of delicious yumminess in it and a baking lesson

The three runners up will all get a goodie bag
Some rule help….

  1. Bread is made of plenty of different kinds of flour but the closest substitute to wheat is spelt flour.   Spelt is now widely available in health food shops and supermarkets.  Our favourite is milled by Gilchesters.  You can do mail order or contact them and find out where their spelt flour is stocked.  
  2. Rude Health’s range of breakfast cereals is sold in Waitrose and many other supermarkets and health food shops.  You can check the website to find out where to buy it or order it on line.
  3. Rude Health is located in Wandsworth, SW London.  You can park up easily to drop off your loaf if you are doing so in person. Ring the bell loudly; we’re in from 9.30am to 5pm
  4. If you are posting your loaf make sure you wrap it well to keep it fresh.  Allow two days for first class postage.

Some bread help….

  1. If you are going to make bread with yeast in it, Allinson’s “Easy Bake” yeast is simple to use and completely failsafe!  
  2. If you are using salt, we recommend natural sea salt and our favourite comes from Halen Mon in Anglesea.  Available from plenty of supermarket and shops and also on line from
  3. Specific recipe ideas will be on both the Rude Health and the Virtuous Bread websites.  For even more bread information, encouragement, and ideas have a look at the Real Bread Campaign’s website:
  4. If you have any questions please contact either or

To learn more about Rude Health and their fantastic range of products please click here.

Happy Rude Health baking!  We look forward to receiving your Virtuous loaves!

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