OK, ok, I feel much better now

Done with wallowing (phew, I hear you say) and mainly for four reasons:

1.  Joanna.  A Bread Angel.  Wonderful and supportive, extremely active in the spirit and the letter of the pilot.  Proactive.  Full of ideas and general good cheer.  Thank you.

2.  Nicola and Rose.  Julia and Alex.  Emma and Jini.  Close second to Joanna.  Thank you for your words of encouragement and for giving me a kick up the arse.

3.  Ladies and gentlemen of the press.  My new favourite people.  Body and Soul from The Times 2 supplement of The Times mentioned Virtuousbread.com in an article about bread.  On the back of that, a really nice writer for The Guardian online contacted me to discuss the cost of bread – make vs buy – for an article he is writing on bread makers.  We had a lovely chat, simultaneously surfed supermarket shopping sites and generally shot the bread breeze.  That was fun.  Thanks.

4.  More ladies and gentlemen of the press and the lovely Amy from Samphire.  A couple of magazines have expressed an interest in Bread Angels and in Virtuousbread.com to explore women, careers, changing careers, career options, community building – all of the things Virtuousbread.com stands for.  So, that’s great too.  Remember, we are here to make it fun and interesting for people to find, make and learn about good bread and in so doing to forge the link between bread and virtue.  Yes, it’s a mouthful, but that is what we are here to do.  So, press coverage is fantastic if it helps spread the message to eat well and do good.

I am thankful for what I have and here is what I would like to achieve next: 

To find a space in London where we can have the bake and have a shop front, teach, and have an office.  I imagine a mews house with the bakery down stairs and the shop front being through the top of the stable doors that would have been on the mews.  On the top floor there is a sunny domestic kitchen with a huge round table and a big domestic oven for doing the baking workshops and lessons.  There is an office and a tiny balcony that we can open up to let in the breeze and grow flowers.  At first I cannot pay very much money but I can pay a little and I can certainly pay in bread!  When we get going we can pay proper rent.

If you would like to be our fairy god mother or father or have a perfect space that needs to be looked after because you are moving to Sardinia for a year and need to have it looked after, would like a life time supply of bread, look no further than virtuousbread.com.  You can contact us here.  In fact, you can contact us any way you like.

4 thoughts on “OK, ok, I feel much better now”

  1. The British press needs a few good words to be said about it especially at the present time – so its all a win win situation
    GO GO GO Virtuous Bread
    p.s as a result of the Independant review a local cafe has asked me to bring a few samples in !!

  2. Wow! I haven’t been on the website for a while. This is really inspiring. Keep going – it’s great!

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