Monday 15 November 2010: 8/10

Same as Friday.

I have met a lovely new friend called Kathy whom, I hope, will take the lead in two of’s charitable activities – baking in a hospice and baking in a women’s shelter.  She is perfect:  kind, generous, thoughful, a Leith’s trained chef and has masses of experience working with people doing and supervising cookery demonstrations for years with Divertimenti.  She has six months in hand when she wants to give something back whilst working in the industry of her choice (food) and using her culinary skills.  All I can say is THANK YOU.  What a fantastic person to find.  This morning she came over to practice her baking skills, working with me to make several perfect sourdough loaves (which are for clients tomorrow) and two perfect little yeasted loaves, one with 100% rye and one with a blend of rye, spelt, and wheat.  YUM! Bread and conversation, who can beat that?

Then, if that is not enough, the lovely Alisdair Instone and I have arranged to have to meet tomorrow to talk about working together in some way.  Alisdair’s business, Cookery School rund cookery classes in people’s homes. We met when Nick, from Rude Health, and I were lurking in front of the Hurdlebrook stall (unpasteurised and unhomogenised full fat guernsey milk – YUM) at the Notting Hill Farmer’s market.   Sooner than you can stare the cards were out, Nick had given Alisdair a pass for the BBC Good Food Show and we all agreed to meet up.  Hence tomorrow.  Double fun.

THEN, if that’s not enough, Camilla (the other half of Rude Health and a wizard when it comes to cool marketing ideas) rang and we have agreed to have lunch on Wednesday so I can pick her brain regarding how to market the commercial activities of  Given that lunch with Camilla is always fun (she’s like Rose – remember, the one with whom you could have fun down a mine) it does not really matter if we talk about marketing strategy – although I am sure we will get there in the end.

But wait, there is STILL MORE.  Helen from Penguin has confirmed a new meeting date, Tamara rang from Business Link London and asked how they could help me and whether I would be interested in meeting her to talk about how can best take advantage of what Business Link offers social entrepreneurs, and finally Alex from the RSA and I are going to meet so I can figure out what went wrong with my Catalyst application last time and re-apply with a better chance of receiving a grant.  The Arts (baking is an art), Manufactures (baking is manufacturing even if it is manufacturing by hand) and Technology (modern ovens are veritable wizards of technology surely) – is a match!

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