9 and 10 November: On balance a 7/10

Grrr.  I don’t know why I am grumpy.  The slump from Monday continues.  I could blame the ever-handy weather for that.  It feels like there is a gale blowing in my flat.  The windows are rattling, the draft is seeping in (pouring in?) through the garden doors and it is pitch black at precisely 5 pm.  Sigh.

And yet…and yet…

Although Helen from Penguin had to postpone our meeting (always a blow) I did have a great meeting with Simon McNeil Ritchie from the Shaftesbury Partnership.  He was great:  smart, knowledgable, supportive, and informative.  After years with the Foreign Office he did an MBA and now could write the book on franchising.  He has great insights into Social Enterprise and this new thing called “Social Franchising” and so had lots of practical advice for me regarding getting Bread Angels off the ground.  What’s more, he has put me in touch with other folk with similar interest areas and that is always good.  No point in reinventing the wheel when you can hitch a lift in someone else’s wheeled chariot (presuming you bring the bread, which I will.)

I must focus on the business.  I have had no set backs as regards Virtuousbread.com.  None.  Zero.  In fact, I have met with encouragement and support, both emotional and financial, I have had a meeting with Kathy who is going to help me with the teaching aspect of Virtuousbread.com in the new year and so it is mine to lose. 

Focus.  Work.  Focus.  Work.

Take the pies out of the oven…

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