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Four of the best bakery hacks for you!

Setting up a bakery can seem daunting.  Even if you want to mess around at home after taking one of our wonderful bread courses can seem daunting. All that stuff!  It may seem like rather a lot to spend, especially if you don’t know whether you are going to take to it. Ladies and gentlemen

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Germany Christmas Stollen

On going training is the best way to learn

My bakery training did not take place at college.  This is a well known fact about me and it is partly what enables me to be a great baker and a great teacher.  I have seen a lot and I have been trained by great bakers all over the world.   From Cambodia and Canada,

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Reach out and comfort someone from Libya with banned buns!

Virtuous Bread is about more than bread. It is about the power of food to effect positive social change. It is about community. It is about working together to make a better world.   I originally posted this recipe as part of a series when people from various were banned by Donald Trump from entering

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A bread recipe to support people trapped by the US ban

This was the first in a series of recipes for Banned Buns developed when Donald Trump banned certain people, even American people, from entering the USA. Not being American or even in the US on holiday, there was nothing I could do except protest in print and send thoughts and sympathy to people who have

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