There are many benefits to becoming a microbaker…

…and in the end, they are all personal.

Recently, Gaye taught the microbakery course to three lovely people.  This means that there are three new microbakers in the UK delivering excellent bread to people and businesses in their local communities.  Three new Bread Angels.

People do the microbakery course for lots of different reasons:  to teach, to bake, to earn, to connect with people, to change lives (including their own)…the list goes on and on.  Whilst there are always overlaps – and Bread Angels are very special and wonderful people – all are public minded with a strong urge to use bread as a catalyst for social change in their own way.  Ann said this and I love it:

“Picking up on this new Micro-Bakery project for me has arisen after a lifetime of working in education, but especially with the Crafts. Taught Claywork full-time for many years after having my own Pottery in Canada–later, added Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing, and ended up teaching that as well, and finally explored all the wonderful potential of Felting. Maybe Breadmaking will be the last project for me as time is running out–though I can see myself teaching others these craft even when I’m in a Home for the Elderly! Am nearly there already!

It is a very special privilege to help people realise the joy of using their hands in a meaningful way–connecting with the substances that surround us—grounding ourselves in an age where we might easily become unable to distinguish between Earth’s Reality and “Digital Reality”. Breadmaking seems to me to be one of the most recent resurrections of a dying art, and naturally it will be reinterpreted in a creative way as time goes on–enlivening our lives. I am particularly interested in developing the Micro-Bakery concept as a form of Social Art and am hoping to work with people who are disadvantaged in various ways, who may believe they could never do anything like that themselves–yet perhaps they could.”

Why will you be a microbaker?  Click here to book the course and realise something incredible about yourself.

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