Success is about being remarkable – and we are

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Dear Mr Godin

You wrote a book called Purple Cow which is great and which says among other things if you want to have a remarkable company you have to have a great product that people want to buy and recommend and so the greatness of your product spreads by word of mouth.

Refugee women learning to bake bread, building skills and confidence
Roll those buns

I know I am taking this out of context somewhat and that there is a lot more to it but suffice it to say I love the ideas and agree with them wholeheartedly.  I would go on to say that if your product and the way you provide your product are somehow transcendental (with a small t, note!) you become truly remarkable.  Not just remarkable.

Gift vouchers for bread courses
Happy sourdough bread students

I humbly ask that Virtuous Bread and all the Bread Angels are added to the list of truly remarkable companies.  Because we are.  We bake great bread that makes people joyful and contributes to good health.  We teach great classes that change people’s lives – the tributes, letters, cards, and boxes of kleenexes are evidence of students who are changed after a bread class in the kind, supportive, friendly, and trusting environment that each and every Bread Angel creates.  We do no advertising. We are known because we had an original idea, had a first mover advantage, and built a great reputation both by social media and, much more critically, by word of mouth.  Our students return and recommend.  Return and recommend.

Lisa's purpose:  to educate, to lead, to develop young people
Lisa’s incredible bread

Truly remarkable – that’s us!

Liz (in the middle) with her students
Liz (in the middle) with her students
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