Learn to bake bread. You will change lives.

Wow, it’s been a long time coming, a 2013 message.  Three years since VB started twinkling in my eye.  Two years since I began to teach the very first Bread Angels and one year since the first Bread Angels started teaching others.  Virtuous Bread provides training for people to create meaningful employment opportunities for themselves and others; to work at their passion; to develop their relationships with others and in doing so to build their communities and their lives.  It all sounded grand then and it still sounds pretty grand now.  In fact, it sounds more than grand:  It’s marvellous.  Bloody marvellous.

However, this is neither the time, nor the place for the 2013 VB message because there is a story that is so exciting it has to be told today.  Here it is from Philippa and Joseph Marshall who have founded The Barnes Bakery:

“My husband and I live in a community that we have served  professionally, as well as  voluntarily by supporting local groups.  We had a difficult 2012 and saw this offer through an email (to do the Bread Angel Course).  We decided to both go on it together with no real agenda but to do something different.  Once completing the two days course with Rosie Clarke, and I can only say “thank you” for her patience and quirky stance on bread making, we feel we have a new lease of life.  Before, we felt trapped by work constraints and low about money issues.  Now we  feel we have a new focus, and are able to anchor and target our energies into positive stuff.  It has brought our family closer and they are all are involved sourcing bread related parafanalia!!!

We’ve supported a local fund raiser.

Chatted at local churches to be able to donate to them.

Also going to be donating for auction hampers and for a  local lady who cooks cuisine parties at home.

Joe is going to provide bread to his mother’s church plus is looking into micro brewing.

I’m sourcing oven space everyday as my kitchen has not been approved by council yet so can’t sell.

But to us that’s not an issue. We are practising everyday giving out bread to all our friends to build up our bread portfolio so we can be ready for our buying public!!!

This week I am going to a lady’s house I know to teach her the rudiments of bread making and use her oven in exchange!!!

My son bakes too and we chat  to anyone that wants to listen.

Also, we met a  set of bread angels with whom we plan to keep in contact and we are going to visit them when invited!!!

Plus we are using twitter and advancing onto blogs this week with a girl who blogs on making low fat foods in her mum’s kitchen.

Really Joe and I felt that why couldn’t it be us doing something new and different. So why bread?

Because we wanted to be those smiling and proud faced people who you see in The Country Life magazine or local rags.

It is achievable and can be so even with a little top oven !!!”

Philippa and Joseph Marshall
The Barnes Bakery

Twitter:  @thebarnesbakery

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