No Knead Bread Rolls

This is without a doubt the easiest bread recipe I have ever come across. No kneading. No fear of dead yeast. If you can hold a spoon you can do this!

No knead bread rolls

Simple recipe for how to make bread rolls in a no knead method
Prep Time 12 hours
Cook Time 30 minutes
Servings 15 bread rolls



  • 600 ml water – straight from the tap
  • 3 g instant yeast or 6 g dry yeast or 12 g fresh yeast
  • 12 g salt
  • 650 g flour white (wheat or spelt will be fluffier, brown (wheat or spelt) will be less fluffy, rye (light or dark) will be the least fluffy – a combination is nice)

Optional Additions

  • 1 handful pre soaked seeds or dry fruit or a combination
  • 1 tbsp pesto, nutella, peanut butter, sugar
  • 1 handful chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp dry or fresh herbs


Prepare dough

  • Mix all of this together in a  big bowl into a gloopy glup the texture of thick wall paper paste.  Give it a good stir, cover it with clingfilm and put it in the fridge overnight.

To shape buns

  • In the morning, take out the dough and set the oven to 220 degrees C.
  • Line a baking tray with non stick baking parchment
  • With a large spoon, spoon out some of the now-bubbly dough and use a second spoon to scrape it off the first spoon and blob it on the baking tray.  Stack it up as high as you can rather than letting it flop out into a pancake.  Fill the tray, leaving at least 5 cm (2 inches) between blobs.  Make as many blobs as you want.  If you don’t use all the dough, don’t worry about it.  You can put it back in the fridge and use it the next day.  It will be fine in the fridge for 2-3 days.
  • When the oven is up to temperature, bake these blobs for 20 minutes –  until they are a nice rich brown colour and sound hollow when you tap one of them on the bottom. If they are too flat for your liking, add more flour the next time you make them.

To make loaves

  • Grease a shallow, oven proof baking container.  A round le creuset, a small frying pan…just not a bread tin.
  • Scrape the dough out on a lightly floured table.  Hold a scraper in your working hand and slide it under the dough.  Use the other hand to gently trap the dough on the scraper, and stretch the dough out as far as you can without breaking it and fold it all the way back on the blob of dough. 
  • Work your way around the blob stretching and folding until you have gone once round.  Slide the scraper underneath and pick up the dough.  Invert it and put it in the greased baking dish.  Make sure the dish is only about 1/2 full.
  • Eat. Yum.
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15 thoughts on “No Knead Bread Rolls”

  1. oooh lovely, just the recipie I needed. Have bought some wholegrain spelt flour and wanted an easy recipie to test it out on. Normally I buy wholewheat flour.

  2. Ah, well. You may find that you can digest spelt a little more easily (if wheat makes your tummy puff out and makes you feel uncomfortable). Some people find that, others do not! As a rule try to use organic stone ground flour – of whatever grain. And let the bread rise in a cool place. The better the flour coupled with the longer the rise means for bread that is more easily digested. So, overnight is PERFECT. Spelt is much more expensive than wheat which can make it difficult for some people. That is why I say, use organic stone ground and ensure a long rise – you may find you can digest wheat flour easily under those conditions – and it is less than half the price of spelt.

  3. Hmmmm, yummie. I have tried this recipe this morning for the first time. Even if the rolls are a bit flattish they look exactly like the ones on the photo and taste absolutely delicious! I put in raisins, dried blueberries, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts this time. I think your website is bringing me back to breadmaking after a pause of some years … I’ve owned a bread machine, but got rid of it because the kneading was noisy and now I just want to have the absolute minimum amount of machines in the kitchen. Back to basics! — Thank you, Peter, Brussels

    1. Thanks Peter for your kind comment – we are so glad you like the recipe for the buns. If you want them to “stand up more” just add more flour until they bake to the consistency you like. Spread the word! Bread is the answer. 🙂

  4. Hi jane just read your article in the Sunday mail found it
    very interesting recipes sound lovely,I need to avoid wheat
    barley and rye could i make the bread with gluten free flour
    Thankyou Jan

  5. Made one of these this morning: wheat, rye with sunflower seeds and raisins 🙂
    I have a couple of questions:
    have you tried this formula with sourdough? or do you have something similar using sourdough?
    to make a sweet version of this, is it just a case of adding some sugar? or are wetalking adjusting the whole recipe?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Nina, thanks for the comment. Yes, I do this with sourdough all the time. I lob in about 30 grams of refreshed rye starter. You can also make it sweet of course but I find honey works better than sugar – molasses too – but sugar will do! Jane

  6. HI Jane
    Do you mean replace yeast with 30gr sourdough, same measurements, and same timetable eg overnight in fridge, bake in am?

    And if I were to sweeten with honey, do I alter any of the other measurements?


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