Think you can’t make sourdough? Think again.

Oh dear, I can feel an unsponsored rant coming on.

Today I met with Monique (aka the Savvy Cook) who told me she wanted to have a go at making Danish Rye bread but needed some rye sourdough – so I gave her some.  Danish Rye is not acutally Danish at all, but is available throughout Scandinavia and is made dark brown and delicious by adding molasses to the dough.  The leven in Danish rye comes from both rye sourdough and yeast.  The flour is both rye and wheat.  It is a very satisfying bread and when Monique expressed an interest in making it via Twitter, one of the London bakers responded with a thinly veiled “don’t bother, you will only fail.”  That kind of thing makes me so cross.

Hence, my rant.

Sourdough is not difficult and if the recipe you are following also has yeast (which traditional Danish rye does have) in it there is less than nothing to fear. In the forthcoming edition of Virtuous Bread Magazine there will be a century old recipe for Danish Rye from Mattias Ljungberg the multiple awared winning baker at (and owner of) Tosse Bagerei, one of the oldest and most established bakers in Stockholm.  Meanwhile, there are as many ways of making sourdough bread as there are falling off a log – and it is just as easy.  There is not one way.  Some are made by obsessives who fold the dough every hour for 12 hours.  Some are made by ordinary folk who mix it altogether and leave it alone until it is ready to bake.  Some ways may lead to award winning loaves.  Some don’t.  All will lead to edible bread that you baked yourself so of course it will be good!  To know how we make fail proof, easy peasy, anybody can do it sourdough bread at, click here.

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