The Final Word on German Christmas Stollen

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That’s it, that’s the final word.  After baking and teaching and yeasting and sourdoughing all autumn long I was finally able to cut into some stollen this week.  First the sourdough stollen at The Clink and second (had to try it before the Fourth Advent Tea this Sunday) at home.

Triumphant.  So triumphant the The Mexican Vegan was cajoled into trying some.  He loved it.  But then again, you could argue that a vegan would adore his first taste of butter after four years.  I mean, I adore it every day…but I digress.

The sourdough stollen that we baked at The Clink was truly magnificent.  I was not at all sure it would be ok, to be honest, even though I was following the great Simone’s stollen recipe.  There was no added commercial yeast.  There was the 1857 sourdough, booze (I sneaked in boozy nuts and raisins in an innocent looking tupperware and did not let anyone even smell the container, let alone lick it).  There was no aluminium foil (as banned as yeast in a prison).  We sourdoughed it, wrapped it in two layers of greaseproof paper, tied the ends with strings and even Kenny who does not like sweet things (or so he says, in reality he always eats them, he is just proud of his physique!) loved the stollen.  We shared it last Friday in the kitchen, after the lunch rush (200 covers) and while a choir was singing carols to the diners (sadly they did not think to turn around and sing them to the kitchen crew).  It was moving, I must say, to listen to carols and share the stollen that we made, while dressed in my chef’s whites in the kitchen of a restaurant in a prison.  True to the spirit, I would go so far to say…I wish I could show you photos, but I cannot.

I can attest, dear students of stollen, that your stollen will be worth the wait!  Here some of you are, sprinkling, spreading, wrapping, and gloating – getting prepared for the big day a couple of weeks from now.  You will love it.  For those of you who could not attend the class, the recipe is here but don’t forget, you must let it rest for at least 4 weeks after it is baked.  Bake now for pancake day?  It’s certainly better than pancakes!

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