The Easter Bun Bunny

A bit of a late post, I know, but with all this royal wedding excitement, there has barely been time to write anything at all!  Whilst we, here at Virtuous Bread, were not invited to bake bread for the wedding breakfast, we did bake the bread for the eggy, hammy, and cucumbery sandwiches at our local street party.  Great compliments to the amazing pavlovas, victoria sponges, lemon drizzle cakes, and sausages that weighed down the tables.

The Easter Bun Bunny

But back to the Easter Bun Bunny

Easter, like so many occasions, is celebrated in part, by bread.  All over the Eastery world, buns, breads, loaves, and biscuits are baked specially for Easter.  Rosie in Leicester was given a gorgeous Ukranian Easter loaf by her colleague at work, we had recipe requests come in from Canada, and we taught several successful Hot Cross bun classes to help people get a light a fluffy bun.

Bun and egg - yummy!

The Bun, whether in a little round shape or a big loaf shape, is the main event at any celebration and the Bun (note the upper case B) is simply Bread with Bits.  The Bits that make a Bun always include eggs, fat and sugar; usually include milk; and more often than not include dried fruit, nuts, and spices.  All the things that are (and they are) expensive are popped into Bread dough to make Bun dough.   Then, to

Easter Bread - slashed and glazed to great effect

add glory to wonder, the Bun dough is shaped and decorated to make the look as good as it tastes.  Twisted, braided or intricately slashed, bun dough is often also glazed or topped (with white crosses, for example, in the hot cross buns) – time, attention, and love all go into making a great looking and tasting Bun.

The Easter Table

The Bun is then set off to perfection by a beautiful table that intices and invites.  The traditional heart of the home, a beautfully set table demonstrates both wealth and welcome – honouring the people who sit at it and the food laid upon it.  A convivial atmosphere, beauty, grace, and love – what a breeding ground for virtue!  And all because of the Easter Bun Bunny.

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