Teens love baking – it’s official – it’s “sick” (that’s a good thing…)

What to do with teens over a week end at the end of school holidays.  Been there, done that – nothing exciting to do ever again.  Mope Mope Mope Mope Mope – is anyone familiar with this story or is it just us?

Last week end teen terrors were at their zenith – as were fears about spots, cellulite, muffin tops and failed diets (after a month of Easter Chocs and Royal Wedding celebrations, I tried to point out that this was no surprise and was met with near suicidal stares…) so I suggested, “hey girls! let’s bake some bread and go see Bircham wind mill – it’ll be fun!”  The stares turned murderous….and with much eye rolling and more moaning they complied (because I threatened never to feed them again.)

They loved it.

We made some soda bread, whole meal bread, and rye bread with seeds.  We also visited the windmill, going like the clappers with the Easterly GALE that was coming in off the North Sea.

“It’s like playing with play dough”

“I cannot wait to get my hands in it”

“Great for defining biceps”

“I never knew additives in bread were bad for you”

“This is way fun”

“I never knew bread could be good for you”

“Come and teach bread at my school, this is so much better than Mrs. X’s cookery lessons” (to protect the innocent Mrs X we are not inserting her name here!)

“Wow, can we do this again”.

Yes, baking is fun – even for teens – so aren’t you lucky that we are running classes throughout the summer in both London and Leicester?  What a way to keep pesky teens occupied for a half a day doing something fantastic, informative and edible.  Who knows, it may be the best investment you will ever make:  you may never have to buy bread again.

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