Stop the press: I thought we were addicted to sugar?

The second poll has closed and, as ever, the results are surprising.   The poll was concerned with what we like to put on our bread and the surprising winner is…butter.  That’s it.  Butter.  We are not a nation of sugar gobbling jam hounds, no no!  We like our bread and butter best.

Scores on the doors for the question:  What is your favourite topping for a slice of fresh bread

Butter:  46%
Savoury spreads (marmite, bovril, vegemite):  18%
Cheese:  15%
Honey:  13%
Savoury things (ham, beef, chicken):  8%
Jam/Jelly:  0%

So, what does that tell me?  Firstly, there are not enough children reading the site yet. So please pass the site on to any kids you know as they may as well learn about good bread and be inspired to find it and maybe even make it.  Secondly, in spite of all the hype and fuss about sugar consumption, the reality is that we are a nation of savoury eaters who like nothing better on top of our good bread than good butter.  Yum Yum Yum.  Now, if we had asked “what is your favourite topping for a slice of white sliced bread that has recently emerged from a plastic bag” the answers may have been different…..

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, “bread and butter is the answer”.  And now it’s confirmed.  Thanks!

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